Is seaweed a superfood?

by Desirée Dupuis on February 01, 2022
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Yes! Seaweed is a regenerative powerhouse for the planet and 100 percent a superfood packed full of so many good and essential nutrients. 

Here at Kove, we are creating the tastiest, most delicious food products made with seaweed sourced from seaweed farms all around Vancouver Island in partnership with several First Nation bands. 

Our seaweed is grown in the coldest, most pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean and is full of powerful nutrients such as Protein, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Fiber, Magnesium, Folate and Vitamin B12. With all of these vital nutrients, eating seaweed has been proven to support immune function, thyroid function, gut health, heart health and brain function. 

In terms of contributing to the health of the planet, seaweed is also a star! As a zero input crop, it requires nothing other than the sea and the sunlight to grow. And we mean nothing! No land, no fresh water, no fertilizers. Imagine a crop that contributes to the eco system AND provides healthy, nutritious food?

According to studies from the BBC, one hectare of a seaweed farm produces more protein than the same amount of land used for cattle. We often think of trees as the key to carbon removal, but researchers have found that seaweed is in fact the most effective natural way of absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Wild seaweed alone sequesters about 173 million tons of carbon every year and globally, seaweeds are thought to sequester nearly 200 million tonnes of CO2 every year – as much as New York State's annual emissions

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