Powered by Cascadia Seaweed

by Desirée Dupuis on May 04, 2022
Powered by Cascadia Seaweed

Kove is the consumer food brand for Cascadia Seaweed and our mission is to develop the tastiest, most delicious foods made with the seaweed we are growing in the pristine waters of British Columbia. 

Cascadia Seaweed is growing to be the largest North American provider of ocean cultivated seaweed; a regenerative crop with a variety of uses requiring only the sea and sunlight to grow. 

The more we grow - the more seaweed we cultivate - the more positive impact we provide to the coastline of British Columbia.

Ocean cultivated seaweed requires no freshwater, fertilizers, pesticides or arable land to grow. It utilizes nutrients from the sea, captures carbon, mitigates acidification, creates habitat, is renewable and fast growing. It is the definition of regenerative aquaculture and this new and burgeoning sector directly supports the development of Canada’s growing Blue Economy. 

The World Bank Group predicts that by producing large volumes of seaweed the global food security equation can be transformed. As the world population marches to 11 billion, and plant-based diets swell to reduce individual carbon footprints, Cascadia Seaweed and Kove feel a responsibility to develop nutritious and delicious food that also makes a positive impact on the environment.

"We want to expand the consumer acceptance of seaweed into an everyday healthy and tasty choice." - Mike Williamson, CEO of Cascadia Seaweed

Cascadia Seaweed is the only vertically integrated seaweed company combining cultivation know-how, First Nations partnerships and progressive brand development, and our leadership team has over 150 years combined experience in food, technology and financial services businesses.

By simply cultivating seaweed in the ocean, Cascadia and Kove are working to solve some of the biggest challenges humanity is facing today; climate change, economic instability and food security.

Good for the PLANET. Grown using only sea and sunlight. Seaweed grows in the ocean, so there is no demand on resources such as land or water or need for external inputs. It is truly climate positive as it provides nutrients to surrounding ocean life and helps to create habitat promoting a vibrant eco-system and biodiversity.

Good for the COMMUNITY. Cascadia Seaweed is building regenerative ocean farms which operate in partnership with local First Nations and currently has 7 farms sites in 5 different territories. The company is employing local people in remote places like Cortes Island where they are growing and harvesting this beautiful, regenerative crop.

We are honoured to be working with the Ahousaht, Huu-Ay-Aht, Klahoose, Tseshaht, and Tsawout First Nations along with the Uchucklesaht Tribe Government. 

Good for YOU. Ancient cultures knew what we are only rediscovering; seaweed is incredibly healthy to eat. Seaweed is a regenerative powerhouse for the planet, and it's not just climate healthy; rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote gut health, heart health and brain health.

The foods we eat have a significant impact on the health of the planet. Our team is developing the tastiest, most delicious foods made with Cascadia Seaweed.

Kove’s first product powered by Cascadia Seaweed is our westcoast furikake style signature seaweed seasoning SEA SPICE which is available in retail stores and online.


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